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Welcome to Au Glaize Real Estate Co., your source for local real estate. ????

Jim Price is a licensed Real Estate Broker who has specialized in residential sales for over two decades. Jim enjoys working with clients who approach real estate, first and foremost as an important financial investment. "People that I have had the opportunity to work with over the years have usually significantly profited from our having worked together." Jim goes on to say, "I believe in trying to share with my clients all the insights and experience I have gained over the hundreds of transactions I've been involved. If you don't learn all you need to know about buying or selling real estate from me, it wasn't because I wasn't trying."

Jim walks to the beat of a different drummer and admits that not everyone likes his style. "I'm a straight up person and believe in being forth right and honest to the innth degree with my clients. It's unfortunate but in this day and age, not many people anticipate that they'll encounter a salesperson who is so totally candid and honest.

He openly admits that you can find as many former clients that he sold a house to as you'd find another equal or greater number who'd recount that he talked them out of buying a house that wasn't a good match for their budget, circumstances or a good investment.? "My philosophy has always been, I don't just want to sell you a house and never see you again. I want to make sure it's a solid and good investment, because chances are if you do well and get a decent return on your investment you'll come back. In the 20 years in this business I've had the pleasure of working with 2 or 3 generations from the same family, because they always knew I would be looking out for their "best interests."

If someone were to ask Jim what experience had the most influence on his life he'd readily admit it was growing up in the free lifestyle of a small town where everyone knew everyone's business. At an early age of 9 he started interacting with the public as a newspaper boy. He carried for the Sunday edition of the Dayton Daily News which was so full of commercial inserts that his paper bag often out weighed him. But, at an early and tender age he learned how important it was to be honest with people.

After completing a three year tour of duty in the US Army, Jim was able to pursue his college education on the GI Bill. He readily admits having a soft touch for all veterans, but feels specially close to Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. "In my mind, these young men and women are our modern day hero's," Jim says. "I'd do anything I can to help another veteran achieve homeownership."

After completing graduate work at UD, Jim was a social worker and then became a counseling, mental health-therapist. His background has provided him with the type of social and analytical skills necessary to help clients identify their housing needs and negotiate on their behalf to achieve their objectives.

Jim & Barb Price started Au Glaize Real Estate on the premise that they could do more for their clients. Starting their real estate company in 1991 they launched their brokerage based on a different?approach than most, "educate the consumer so they make a wiser choice in their selection of buying or selling a home." Jim says, "the more the consumer knows about buying real estate, the wiser choice they'll make."

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Jim & Barb Price
Au Glaize Real Estate Co.